Duktus is the Name of my creative project, my real name is Stefan Lange, i life in Leipzig Germany and this is my showcase for you.

I am a fan of good music, an beatmaking Troubadour. If you share the same passion then perhaps you will find some soulfood here? 

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free and send me a message.

I'm thankful to everyone that listens to my music, and everyone that supports what I do.

New Releases:
Cause Life / Duktus


Mosambique Remix / Swede:Art Emotional Colors Remixes

Tokyo Dawn Records

Wide Eyes feat. Shuanise /  Brownswood Bubblers 5

Brownswood Recordings

You Live Forever feat. Swede:Art / Emotional Colors

On My Way feat. Swede:Art and Note

Tokyo Dawn Records

Shine / Mishoo the Drumkit feat. Shuanise and Swede:Art

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Collective Resonance - Duktus Mix

You can also check the Labelsite of the creative Partners Resistant Mindz, here you will find any information about upcoming Releases and more soulfood!

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